The Non-Resume

Awwh, rats!

Resumes are so dull, don’t you think? Instead,  I’ll provide a brief synopsis which I think is a lot more fun. I entered a writing contest in the 4th grade which happened to be about rat control, eww, yes, I know. I lived in inner city Rochester, NY at the time and from all accounts, this seemed to be of importance in the curriculum. Well, low and behold I won second prize, which was a black and white TV! A big deal to a kid in the late 70’s, really!

I went to school for journalism and have always had a passion for writing.  Over the last few years, my interest in the environment and sustainability drove me to combine the things about which I cared the most. I just recently finished my course work at NC State University where I crafted an environmental communication degree in the Master’s program.

Which way to true north?

My work experience has really been diverse, and I wouldn’t change it even if I could. My job as a hotel sales manager taught me how to turn problems into opportunities and to surpass client expectations. I really enjoyed my pseudo sales role as a direct mail marketing coordinator (of which I was able to turn into a self-employment opportunity when I had my first baby),  a fundraising job for a Montessori school and then I got my first real ‘writing’ job at NC State University. This is the job that I really got to write, a lot, and found that it’s really what I wanted to do. I wrote and strategized and publicized with the engineering extension department for 5 years. I liked it very much, but I craved more diversity and flexibility.

Bluff, the phone’s for you

In January of 2012, I resurrected my consulting business, but now in addition to creative consult and copywriting, I now offer comprehensive communication and marketing assistance.

I am currently on staff as a temporary, part-time marketing and communication strategist within the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering-Energy Solutions department at NC State University.

For KJC Consulting, I am copywriting and providing communication insight on marketing plans for a Raleigh-based advertising agency and I manage  social media initiatives for a progressive local remodeler in Wake county.

I also provide pro bono communications for causes that represent my passions, such as the Western Wake Farmers’ Market.

This is one of the coolest things I am privy to…I contribute to the N&O’s ‘Our Lives‘ column through the spring of 2013.  Writing about my life and the fact that I left a stable, full-time job with benefits to build my own firm, is stretching me, and I like that!

In short

I have expertise in marketing/copywriting, development, public relations as well as strategic communication.  See examples of my work in my portfolio.  Drop me a line and we’ll talk communication!

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